Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome, recruit.

My friends and I - in the midst of wrapping up our long-running 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons campaign and eagerly anticipating the release of 4th edition in June - decided to have some fun with D20 Modern, a system we've owned for years but played very little of (or in a heavily-modified form).

My inspiration was twofold: first my infatuation with the original Command and Conquer, a classic strategy game about a government agency battling an evil group of terrorists for control of a mysterious mineral, and secondly the infamous 80's cartoon and comic book series G.I. Joe, which I trust needs no introduction. Mainly I was looking for an uncomplicated excuse to have us all roll up some colorful characters and place them in our own personal action movie. This blog is mainly going to be a way for my players and I to exchange information, but if you've stumbled in from the great wilds of the internet, feel free to misappropriate anything here for your own uses. My personal feeling is that D20 Modern is a nifty system that's never gotten a fair shake from gamers, so I'd love it if this inspired someone to try their hand at it.

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